I work as a researcher at Microsoft Research (Redmond, WA) in the Cryptography Group.

Professional interests

security and privacy, homomorphic encryption, machine learning, secure multi-party computation, differential privacy

Check out the Microsoft Research project pages for homomorphic encryption and MPC. I am also leading the development of the Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library.

In July 2017 I co-organized a Homomorphic Encryption Standardization Workshop ( website) with the goal of creating a consortium standard for fully homomorphic encryption. See HomomorphicEncryption.org for more details on the standardization effort.

I am currently very interested in privacy challenges related to machine learning—in particular deep learning.


I did my M.Sc. in mathematical physics at the University of Helsinki in Finland. After spending some time as a Ph.D. student at the University of Helsinki, I decided to apply to the Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley, where my interests shifted from mathematical physics more towards algebra, number theory and algebraic geometry, and eventually to cryptography.

My advisor at Berkeley was Ken Ribet, and I also worked a lot with Kristin Lauter, with whom I did internships in 2013 and 2015. I received my Ph.D. in 2015, and joined Microsoft Research.

In my free time I enjoy bouldering and playing classical piano music.


I am always looking for talented Ph.D. student interns to work with me on a wide variety of practical and theoretical problems in cryptography—in particular in homomorphic encryption. Send me an email if you are interested!